Meet Ex Powanpongkul, The Marketing Expert for Solar Companies

Meet Ex Powanpongkul. He’s the owner and founder of More Solar Installs – a marketing agency focused primarily on solar companies.

Ex’s team has managed a couple of million dollars of advertising spend through online campaigns for clients. He’s worked in various industries: finance, real estate, insurance, medical, and also trade contractors in the HVAC, roofing, and solar industries. Because of his longtime passion for the outdoors and environmentalism, his agency made the shift this year to concentrate solely on helping solar companies grow their business.

I recently got to chat with Ex and spoke on certain issues about his agency and how he plans to move forward in the later half of 2020. Let’s have a look at what he had to say:

Glad we could meet. Let’s start off with who you help and how you help them?

Thanks for having me. I help solar companies get qualified, ready-to-buy prospects booked into their calendar on autopilot.

And how exactly do you do this?

Yeah, good question. We leverage whichever online marketing platforms are creating the best, cost-effective results for our clients. Right now, Facebook, Instagram, and Google platforms are THE BEST vehicles right now to help solar companies get more solar installation jobs each month.

We set up our clients’ advertising campaigns with unique ads that help them stand out from their competitors. I really hate those templated solar ads I’ve been seeing in the market right now.

Then we hyper-target our clients’ ideal buying prospects, match that target audience with the winning homeowner demographic in that area, then direct these homeowners to a landing page with a survey that asks them anywhere from 8–15 qualifying questions.

After prospects submit the survey, our team of callers – who are well-versed in the solar field – dial these prospects and proceed to book them straight to our client’s calendar.

How do you measure success for your clients? What are your metrics?

Mainly, we want to help solar companies book more installation jobs.

But on a deeper level, we want to help save them time and frustration. Right now, many solar companies have unfortunately accepted that door-to-door canvassing and buying leads from vendors as the norm for getting more installation jobs.

The problem with this is that the river is starting to run dry for these two lead gen methods. And, every single year, it gets harder to convert leads from these methods into actual paying customers. These outdated lead gen strategies don’t give solar companies a predictable flow of revenue per month. It makes many solar owners frustrated, helpless, and unsure of how the future will be.

Our success metric is to get solar companies a least a 5X monthly ROI. We often see much greater success than that though.

Do you have just one tip for solar companies right now to help them stand out with their marketing?

Definitely invest your time into doing videos! While we will take care of the paid online advertising campaigns in the background, we highly recommend our solar clients build their brand and online content by doing Live Videos or pre-recorded videos to help give customers a visual of what it would be like to work with your solar company.

But if solar companies come to our marketing agency with no video recording experience, we include free video coaching with our marketing packages. Our knowledge is the same used by filmmakers (including those that have shot Emmy-award winning documentaries) all around the world. We provide this coaching free because of how important video is to build a solar company’s brand strength…and because many solar owners are shy of being in front of a camera.

What’s your motivation behind doing what you do?

I absolutely love that I get to help fellow entrepreneurs. The thing is, though, it’s not the best solar companies that are getting the most exposure. I want to help those solar companies that I would personally buy from – those that focus on the customer experience, are proud of the quality of their service, and are a little nerdy and passionate about what they do.

There are top-notch solar companies who are getting overshadowed by their lower-grade competitors right now, and I want to make sure their brand is front and center.

There’s also amazing solar companies who are at the top of their region. but are just a couple of short months away from being overtaken by a competitor that uses online advertising. I want to make sure we solidify the right company as the go-to solar installer in the area.

My ultimate desire is for more homes to switch to solar. But when you have a low-quality company installing solar panels with little care, it’s only going to make customers feel scammed and cheated…which will slowly hurt the future of the solar industry. Word-of-mouth travels so fast these days and one unhappy customer can affect 30+ future solar prospects.

That’s why I only work with genuine, passionate solar companies owners. They are the ones pushing the industry forward in a healthy way.

Any finals thoughts for readers out there?

Yeah, I enjoy chatting with all solar companies regardless if they work with me or not. If they become a client, great! If not, then I appreciate listening to their struggles because it gives me an opportunity to find some creative, budget-friendly, or time-saving solution for them. It keeps me on my toes and keeps me informed of the industry.

For anyone out there, feel free to shoot me a message on Facebook. It’s easy to find me because I’m the only Ex Powanpongkul in the entire world.

To learn how you can get more solar installs or to get in touch with Ex, check out the links below:



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