eCommerce platform Lootie is dominating the mystery box industry

  • Speed. Lootie is known to ship out purchased products quickly! This is different from many similar eCommerce sites that potentially take several weeks to ship out your items. Lootie also has a full-time support service that’s there to help people track their shipments every step of the way.
  • Trust and security. Lootie’s mystery boxes are truly provably fair using state of the art technology, ensuring that you can trust the platform every step of the way. Lootie has a special page showing off all of the amazing purchases that other customers have received, including laptops and a Rolex!
  • Fair product pricing. There are eCommerce sites out there that overprice or underprice their products to make things seem different to consumers. Lootie ensures that the price given on their site actually matches the true price of the product itself, which sets it apart from other similar sites.
  • A rewarding referral program! Not only can you buy amazing products off of Lootie — you can also get rewarded for showing Lootie to your friends! All you need to do is give them your referral code, and they will be entitled to a free box (yes, zero charge!).
  • Custom box creation. On most mystery box eCommerce platforms, you are bound to the selection of items that the website determines. This is because they manipulate the boxes to be unfavourable for buyers — you can’t set your own items, since they don’t want the prize to be too good if the box is too cheap. Those days are gone — on Lootie, you can create entirely custom mystery boxes, filled with all of the items that you specifically love! This way you can purchase something you truly want while still keeping that sense of fun and excitement.




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