Bill J Clarke Shows You How To Get High-Value Clients For Your Brand With These 3 Steps

Bill J Clarke

Bill J Clarke has been generating revenue for his clients from his first day in business back in 2018 and continues to stay ahead of the game through his industry-leading strategies and results. When he started his agency Mustard Fox Marketing after dropping out of university to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship, he only had his fathers business as a client and has now worked with a range of clients from freelancers looking to get their first client, to working with 7-figure businesses looking to expand through digital marketing.

Alongside providing his clients with a premium service, he has also been able to travel the world with his business, most recently Turkey but he had to come home due to the pandemic. He is looking to go back when he can and is currently looking at Bali where he’ll spend 3–6 months enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle. His passion for helping other businesses to grow can be shown through his excelling results — one of his clients is currently getting over a 20 times return on their advertising budget — practically unheard of results.

But before you go throwing yourself into the world of digital marketing, we’re going to talk you through some of Bill’s key principles you need to know first before you run the risk of wasting time, money and hard work when trying to build your brand, establish authority in your industry and generate high-value clients.

Firstly, start with offering a high-value service.

Sounds obvious? Maybe. But Bill says that brands are often too quick to offer what they believe to be a high-value service when in actual fact they have just put a big price tag on a regular service. To offer a genuinely high-value service that can skyrocket your brand and income, you need to focus on the big problems of your target market. This starts with understanding everything about your clients. Whenever Bill works with a new client, he starts by meticulously researching the market and finding exactly what the pain points are for potential clients, as well as how he can help them achieve their revenue goals in any way that he sees applicable.

Next, establish your authority in the market.

Bill understands that it is tough competing as an entrepreneur, especially in the early days when you only have a few reviews from past clients. So Bill focuses heavily on leveraging authority in the market to build the brands of his clients and help them stand out as the ‘creme de la creme’ in their industry. He has so much of a passion for this that he has gone into business with two others to help entrepreneurs and influencers to build their brand and credibility through the use of featured publications.

Using past clients testimonials alongside featured articles in publications such as Yahoo, Thrive Global, Influencive and more, his clients are able to bypass their competition as well as command higher prices through their now premium brand.

The final step Bill J Clarke suggests for getting high-value clients is to focus on giving them high-value content.

Like attracts like. Bill encourages his clients to produce high-quality content that is specific to their dream prospects and will help build relationships. Bill suggests that it doesn’t matter too much the platform you are using, just that your ideal clients are on there and that you are comfortable committing to consistently showing up daily to add value to their news feed.

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